Are you done opening beer bottles using openers? Do you think opening bottles with your mouth is also a thing of the past? Well, this amazing hack video will come to your rescue when you are trying to impress your buddies! The latest trend is to open beer bottles without touching the bottle. No kidding! If you are still wondering how is it possible watch the video below.(ALSO READ: 11 Things you will relate to if you are a wine lover)

Wait until you see the Buzzfeed video below with your own eyes to know this one hell of a beer hack to impress everyone. All it takes is just 43 seconds, and you will not be needing anything to open your beer bottle before gulping down the chilled beverage. Although we leave it up to you to check out the video below, we are not disclosing the amazing hack. But you will successfully manage to open the beer bottle without using his hand.

Watch the Buzzfeed video and find out for yourself. Check out the video to try out this brand new method of opening beer bottle. Simply follow what the guy in the video does. So if you can’t find a bottle opener? No worries this video will come to your rescue! The video demonstrates the step by step process to exactly how open a beer bottle without even touching it at once.