Mobile phones have always been the biggest distraction for kids and elders. It can get a person hooked that she/he doesn’t bother where they are. A newly released footage shows the moment a commuter, busy with her phone, walked straight off a platform and into the path, falls onto the railway tracks as a train approaches in Spain’s Madrid city. The incident happened in Estrecho station in Northern Madrid.

According to CBS News, however, Metro de Madrid said that the woman was not seriously injured in the incident as the train stopped to a halt, just metres away. Madrid Metro released the recording of the incident at the Estrecho station, calling on passengers to “look up from their mobile phones when walking along with the platform”.

The video has collected a number of shocking comments, with many criticising the woman for being distracted by her phone.

Watch the viral video here:

A similar incident happened in September when an alert RPF personnel managed to save the life of a man who slipped while trying to board a moving train at the Ahmedabad railway station. The video was shared by Ministry of Railways, who urged passengers to refrain from boarding moving trains, in the caption. “We request our esteemed passengers not to board a moving train at the platform. RPF Staff saved the life of this Passenger at Ahmedabad station but one may not be so lucky every time,” Ministry of Railways said in the caption.