You will be surprised to see what all people do for a ticket evasion! Yes, this 32-year-old female passenger in Minsk wanted to avoid the ticket fare, and what she did is embarrassing enough for you not to try it. The lady tried to crawl through bus window just to avoid the fare. But while getting down from the window of the bus, the ticket inspector gets hold of her bag and she keeps hanging from the window!

But while trying to escape without paying the basic transportation fare she gets her skirt trapped in the window. Although she tries hard to wriggle out of the bus window, she faces a difficult time with the adamant ticket inspector. The video shot in Minsk, Belarus is now going viral. Ultimately she gets down from the  bus, with her bag inside the bus. Now instead of going back inside the bus  to get back her belongings and to pay the fine, the lady walks away from the place pretending that nothing happened.

It is nothing but hilarious to find the lady hanging from the bus window just to avoid the transportation fare, not only did she have an embarrassing moment but is now popular on the internet for her untimely and poor reaction to avoid the fare. The police is now investigating the case, since both the parties have filed a complaint. The lady has filed a complaint of assault whereas the other side has accused the lady of dodging the basic transportation fare. Check out the video below.