If you have a sweet tooth and often love to indulge in chocolates, we warn you this video might disgust you! This woman was disgusted to find the chocoholic that she was about to eat having something more than what she asked for. The woman filmed and shared the video online to share what she found out inside the newly-bought chocolate bar.

When the woman opened the packet of the chocolate bar she found maggots crawling out of the chocolate bar that she was going to eat. She was shocked to find live worms crawling out of the chocolate bar that she brought from a store in Astana, Kazakhstan. She shared the video of the wriggling worm infested Little Wonder chocolate bar online. You can watch the video of the same below.

Although maggots are harmless creatures, they are often known to infest foods. When this news surfaced online, the authorities claimed that the Little Wonder chocolate bar got infested by the maggots during the manufacturing process. Watch the video below.