Chennai: Poverty-stricken, debt-ridden, and on the verge of suicide, a 31-year-old woman’s life in Salem, changed after a Facebook post came to her rescue.

Prema, a daily wage labourer from Salem in Tamil Nadu, who has three children, aged five, three and two years, was left neck-deep in debt after her husband committed suicide seven months ago, as per a report in The Times Of India. Last Friday, she ran out of all money with all the piling debts, after which she approached every person she knew and asked for money, but to no avail.

However, one day when a man passed through her street, he offered to buy her hair to make a wig. With no choice left, she immediately agreed, cut her hair and sold it for a mere Rs 150. With the money, she finally bought food worth Rs 100 for her 3 kids and went to a nearby shop to ask for a bottle of insecticide.

The shopkeeper refused to sell it to her sensing that something was wrong. Later, she tried to commit suicide again by consuming poisonous arali seeds, but was saved by her sister.

But what happened next changed her life! Moved by her plight, her boss identified as Prabhu, the owner of a brick kiln posted her story on social media.

“When she narrated her whole story, I wanted to help her recover completely. I didn’t want to stop with just giving her money as it was a temporary solution. I wanted a permanent solution for her. My friend Bala and I decided to post her story on Facebook and urge people for help,” he said.

And it worked! Moved by her situation, many people offered her money and promised to take care of the education of Prema’s children. The Salem district administration too pitched in by sanctioning her monthly widow pension of Rs 25,000 and a ration card.

Meanwhile, netizens managed to collect Rs 1.45 lakh through crowdfunding and Prema is touched with the gesture.

“I am so overwhelmed by the support of people. I will never even think of committing suicide again. I want to give a good education to my children and take them out of this penury,” Prema was quoted as saying.