A piece of shocking news has come from Portugal. A baby named Rodrigo was born faceless on October 7 at a hospital in Setubal in the country. After the news became viral country’s Medical Council suspended the doctor who was following the pregnancy of the child’s mother and did not inform her about the baby’s condition. Dr Artur Carvalho has been suspected of negligence in duty and has been suspended for six months as of now.

After the parents of the deformed baby made a complaint, an open investigation started against the obstetrician. Alexandre Valentim Lourenco, medical council chief for the southern region has been quoted saying, “There is strong evidence of the doctor’s negligence, which may lead to a disciplinary sanction.” Notably, six other patients’ families have registered a complaint against the doctor back in the year 2013.

This time, his negligence crossed all the limits, when he did not inform about the deformity to the parents even after performing ultrasound thrice. The parents suspected after they requested another ultrasound. The doctor informed them that though there is a possible oddity in the foetus but there is nothing to worry about. According to Joana Simao, the mother’s sister, the doctor said, “Sometimes some parts of the face are not visible (on ultrasounds) when the baby’s face is glued to the belly of the mother”. The doctor’s negligence started making headline when the baby was born without a nose, eyes and part of his skull.

“Considering the impact of this case, which has repercussions on the reputation of doctors and to reassure pregnant women, the suspension was necessary. It will help to evaluate the complaints, Alexandre Valentim Lourenco said.