Sometimes when you think you are doing great in life and everything is running smoothly, life tells you that it’s no time to be complacent, sit back and relax. You’ll feel the same when you’ll hear this: A 75-year-old woman in Western Australia took efforts and successfully learnt to drive. She also got her licensed made in time despite all the technical challenges and money restrictions she faced. Now, isn’t that something to make you wonder ‘what am I doing in life and how come so many of my tasks are still pending?’ Same, same!

A driving school posted a picture of the woman named Winnie Sampie on Facebook and revealed her story. As per the post, Winnie decided to learn the driving and obtain a license because she wanted to assist her ailing sister who needs regular visits to the doctor. She lives in Port Hedland in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

As per a report in A-Z Video, Winnie had learnt driving years back when she was young but she never bothered to obtain a license. However, now, when she felt that having a license was the need of the hour, she made an effort. The report also mentioned that the elderly woman took driving lessons many times in between but could never complete it because of a high fee as she’s living on a pension. She though bought a mobility scooter that she actively used to commute. “I was planning on getting it for a long, long time but I know everybody thought I left it too late,” Winnie told the NYT News.

She then took the help of a not-for-profit organisation named Bloodwood Tree Association and got her work done. Here’s the viral post made by organisation:

Her driving instructor praised her efforts and said, “She had a Learner’s permit and she did go to other driving schools, but it gets expensive. A lot of the time, Winnie said she had to stop having lessons. There were big breaks in between. She couldn’t afford it. She’s on a pension.”

What was even more challenging for Winnie was to clear the test on a computer to obtain the license. Even though she fret earlier, she stuck through it and managed to pass the test. Winnie said that it felt like a great achievement and passing a computer test alone made her feel so confident and happy.

Well, her perseverance, determination, the spirit of never-giving-up and that constant energy to deal with whatever life has to throw in her face – is absolutely commendable. #AlwaysALearner