What do women do when they shop? Amazon India asked husbands across different age groups and cities. The answers were the usual. Women can’t stop once they start. They love to shop. They can just go on and on. It’s like a domino effect… Once a woman buys a dress she needs matching accessories, make-up, shoes, etc, etc. They just don’t shop. And men can never understand women shopping. For men, taking a woman shopping is like opening Pandora’s box. But then, that’s also one way to make her happy and to make her smile. It sort of eases the woman and makes her happy.

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But then, do men really realise what women think of then they are shopping? Are they totally selfish? Thinking of only themselves and what to buy next? What exactly are their thoughts while they shop? Well, the men didn’t know. All they knew was that women love to shop and cannot stop once they begin! But then, do you know that women who shop more feel happier more and have lesser wrinkles? No, we aren’t making this up! It’s totally true! Or that over 4 percent women find shopping at social gatherings (on their personal device that is) better than interacting with the guests! Now, so much for women being social!

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There’s unfortunately a whole lot of misconceptions people, especially men, have floating around about women and their shopping habits. And to test the same, Amazon conducted a simple experiment – they gave each of the partners of the men interviewed Rs 5000 shopping vouchers and told them to shop. What do you think happened next?