A fight broke out between five women while on mid-air inside a Spirit Airlines flight on Wednesday. Three women hit two others who refused to turn down loud music even after requesting. According to reports, two passengers who appeared to be intoxicated and were playing loud music on a boombox speaker. Several passengers asked the women to lower the volume but with no effect. Following, three furious women asked them sternly to put off the speakers to which they paid no heed.

They asked, “What are you going to do” and waved the boombox in air further provoking them women. One of the angry passengers then hit them and pulled hair. While, co-passengers can been seen recording the whole brawl in the mobile phones. After the plane landed, Airport police was called to investigate the incident and question the miscreants. However, no one was booked. The plane had just landed in LAX from Baltimore from where the passengers started playing loud music on the portable speakers. (Also Read: Altercation between 2 Air India flight atendants inside cabin)

Flight attendants could not immediately attend the incident as they were strapped to their seat belts. However no one was arrested as it was not considered as a serious one and nobody was injured.