A woman taxi driver is changing the lives of underprivileged women! Revathi Roy is a female taxi driver who co-founded Viira Cabs along with Preeti Menon. Viira Cabs are a new form of transport that is changing the lives of many women by empowering them. Viira Cabs not only provides the women driving lessons but also hires them as drivers for their service.

Revathi loves driving and has taken part in many motor rallies. She started this company after she lost her husband. The only biggest hurdle she came across was convincing the women that this is indeed a big opportunity for them and also provides new skills to them.

So Revathi started as acab driver first and then employed several other after skillful training. This is the first ever platform where the underprivileged women are provided with apt training and then later also employed for their services.

Revathi Roy was awarded the Amodini Award at the 2012 Godfrey Phillips National Bravery Awards. Watch her story in the video below.