Born on December 1st, 1935 Allen is a man of talents he is an actor, filmmaker, comedian, musician as well as a playwright. He started off his career as a comedy writer in the year 1950. His job profile was to write jokes, scripts for television. He also published several books of short humor pieces. Allen performed as a stand-up comedian in 1960 and started emphasizing on monologues and reflected the same in his personality.

By the mid of 60’s, Allen started writing and directing films and later moved onto dramatic movies. He got his inspiration from European art cinema and he is often known as the New Hollywood wave of filmmakers. His best collections of films are Annie Hall, Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters, Midnight in Paris etc. Allen was soon termed as a treasure of the cinema’ by Roger Ebert. Soon in 2004, Allen was ranked in the fourth position among 100 brilliant comedians and ranked third as the great comedian in UK.

Allen has been honored and awarded with four Academy Awards, three best original screenplay, one for the best director, nine British academy of film and television arts awards. On his birthday, here are his top 7 best films which mean a lot to the perfectionist. We at India.com, wish the best Hollywood director  Happy Birthday.



One of his best movie, Manhattan stands out as a unique film in terms of other films in 60’s. This movie is a combination of comedy, tragedy, love and dark tragic which makes it different. Manhattan film has each and every concept which makes this movie much more beautiful. Especially, the black-white cinematography and the combination of fireworks make it one of the great iconic films.

Annie Hall


This movie strikes a perfect balance between anarchic films and introspective works of 70’s and 80’s era. During those times more serious themes were being used which had loads of humor and had the capability to tickling the funny bone of the audiences. Allen was the lead actor in the movie and received best remarks in terms of his acting skills which portrayed the true character on reel.

Hannah and Her Sisters 


Its time for Hannah and Her Sisters, well-known for capturing the attention of the audiences. In this movie, Allen along with trio  complicated sisters were the most loving characters in the movie. According to Allen, this was his best film wherein he was given the best role by capturing every single thing.

Broadway Danny Rose


One of the best masterpieces of Hollywood directed by Woody Allen. Especially the scene wherein Woody hesitates losing his change from 20 is still remembered and cherished by the audiences.

Take the Money and Run


This movie released in the year 1969 was a comedy film starring Allen and Janet in the lead roles. This movie received positive reviews and movie had several new funny comedies and had funny moments. Allen received golden laurel award for male comedy performer along with a new face award.

Midnight in Paris


Romantic comedy movie was released in 2011 which was well written and directed by the perfectionist. Allen received several positive appraisals for his high energetic performances. This was a classic film and Allen’s funny character were allured by his fans.




Again a comedy fiction film which has several elements and works of science. Woody Allen played the character of Miles Monroe. His role was just terrifying and he gave the audiences special moments in this film which made it a blockbuster.

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