The Guinness World Records has not been officially contacted about this jump yet but the distance covered in the truck jump leaves no ambiguity at all. The unofficial length of the jump is 166 feet or 50.59 metres.

The previous record is held by the Lotus F1 Team. The jump they have documented as the official world record stands at 83 feet and 7 inches or 25.8 metres. You might remember the Lotus F1 truck jumping over the Formula 1 race car that sped away from under the truck while it was in the air.

Gregg Godfrey, the driver of the truck was astonished at how far he managed to jump the truck. He confessed that he had hoped to go 140 feet but ended up going over 160 feet away. Without a doubt, the jump breaks the standing record and you can get a taste of what it feels like in the video below.