Like every dog even every snake has its day and it’s none other than today, July 16, as the World is celebrating World Snake Day. These highly misunderstood and persecuted cold-blooded animals are actually very pretty to look at and more often than not are non-venomous. They are shy and docile creatures who generally don’t have an aggressive personality unless and until they feel threatened. Snakes are found in mountains, rain forests, deserts, rainforests and even in seas. They can become 30-feet-long and live to be almost two decades old. Snakes are often persecuted, feared and killed because the notoriety they have achieved in popular culture and through the Adam and Eve Parable in the Holy Bible. However, snakes are flight animals which mean that their first response to danger and humans is to flee and not to stay behind and defend themselves as is the case with fight animals. Many exhibitions and demonstrations are being organized around the world today to help people understand snakes more as they are mysterious, powerful, docile and full of attitude.

Snakes although more often than not have got the bad treatment in literature, films and videos but there are a few which have got their due importance and credit as a creature full of mystique, attitude and chutzpah. Here’s a look of such reptiles that thankfully were not persecuted. Also Read 12 feet-long Python Gives A Yawn While Watching TV With Owner’s Little Girl Is The Best Thing On Internet Today (Watch video)

1.The Boa Constrictor in Harry Potter


The most popular fandom of present age is the Harry Potter fandom and the first instance where we encounter that Harry Potter is not a regular boy is when he meets with a boa constrictor in a zoo and talks to it. Yes, do you remember when Harry gets taken along for Dudley’s birthday treat to the zoo and he ends up talking to the snake in Parseltongue (obviously, it wasn’t revealed at that time about Harry Potter’s remarkable ability). The snake informs Harry that he was bred in the zoo and hence has never seen Brazil and would love to go. The next moment as Dudley shoves Harry out of the way the glass of the enclosure vanishes and the boa constrictor slithers out with a ,”Thankss amigo, Brazil here I come.” In the JK Rowling series snakes play a very significant part.

2.Master Viper

master viper

Master Viper is a green tree viper with two small lotus flowers atop her head in the Kung Fu Panda movie series. She is born with a birth defect with barely visible venomous fangs, she compensates this with her strength, sinuous nature, precision and beauty. She is also the most charming, kind, compassionate and sweetest of the five kung fu warriors. She acts as the mother hen of the group and is the first one to develop empathy towards Po and the only one who doesn’t mock him for his suitability to be the Dragon Warrior. She is the peacemaker of the group and often tries to dissuade and quell fights and disagreements between her fellow kung fu warriors.

3.Kaa in Jungle Book


Kaa is a huge and powerful snake, more than 100 years old but still in his prime and features in The Jungle Book stories written by Rudyard Kipling. Bagheera and Baloo enlist Kaa’s help in rescuing Mowgli when he gets kidnapped by the monkeys and taken to an abandoned human city. Kaa helps by breaking down the wall of the building in which Mowgli is imprisoned, and uses his serpentine hypnotic powers to draw out the monkeys from the abandoned city.

4. Nagraj


Nagraj is a fictional superhero appearing in Raj comics and was a staple of Indian kids growing up in the 90s. The superhero was created by Sanjay Gupta. His superpower is that he can ‘release’ snakes from his body at his will through his hands and use them for whatsoever purpose he likes controlling them through telepathy. He also has potential deadly venom which he can spill out from his mouth in a deadly liquid form.

So you see, snakes are not that terrible and horrible creatures that Hollywood movies make them to be. They can be quite ingenious too.