Shirshasana, Dhanurasan and Gomukhasan–well asnas are many if you are a diligent yoga enthusiasts. On World Yoga Day it is time to revise them all. But Amul visits all the poses (the asnas) with its trademark utterly butterly delicious take. Take a bite of Toastaasan, Paavasan and Rotiasaan. While the whole world looks at India on the World’s Yoga Day here’s Amul showing the lighter side of life with a whole lot of…adre we say maskaasan. (READ: International Yoga Day 2015: Baba Ramdev lauds PM Narendra Modi, urges Sonia Gandhi to join in)

We loved the additional tadka Amul gives with that one like that made us giggle even more–stretch for it! hahaha…isn’t that quirky and deliciously hat ke at the same time. No wonder then that Twitteratis lapped up the idea. Here are the best tweets that responded to the campaign with amazing wits. (ALSO READ: Does Narendra Modi do yoga? asks Russian president Vladimir Putin)