Remember the first time you saw two magnets get attracted to each other or trying to force two magnets of the same polarity to touch each other. It was very difficult to do that in school and slowly you developed the idea to levitate if you could control the sideways motion of the top magnet to make it hang over thin air. Well a group of people in Belgium have managed to done it.

Gravity will let to splat down on the ground if you try wireless bungee jumping which is basically falling head first towards Earth from an elevated platform like a bridge or a tower. The solution was found in the form of magnets that repel the magnets that you can somehow manage to strap onto your body in a way that you fall due to gravity and then go against the gravitational forces thanks to cleverly placed magnets repelling you towards the sky. [Watch: The best selfie ever]

There are somethings that people think is possible but science hasn’t been able to provide the end result. In an age of everything going wireless, bungee jumping which is already an extremely adventurous sport only increases the the rate at which your body pumps adrenaline in your blood stream. The video itself will make your heart pump faster and harder. This is one kickass way to sell your product. Check out the amazing video which is actually an advert for an appliance store.