Social media is a mine of different and interesting things and people here are very creative and come up with some really hilarious stuff to spread cheer in the world. GIFs and memes are the staple diet of netizens and they never shy away from sharing these creative ways of trolling people. However, the moment to draw a line to such buffoonery is really difficult when you were expecting something altogether different and gets served a googley on a platter. One of the most irritating things that are doing the rounds of the internet is an example of the world’s most annoying GIF that people on the internet can’t just stop watching. The world’s most annoying GIF is compelling people on the internt to watch it over and over again.

The GIF is of a coastline and while you are waiting to look at it closely thinking that it will zoom in and provide some clarity to what exactly you are looking at, it will hit you that it never stops. The most annoying GIF was shared on Reddit by Reddit user stpk4 four days ago and has collected almost 27,000 upvotes and more than 800 comments. The GIF is a coastline and has angered and irritated most people on social media. It is near to impossible to realize at the first go that you are watching a clip on the loop and by the time you do realize your folly you’ve wasted a few precious minutes. The actual clip is hardly two or three seconds long but plays on an infinite loop that has no end, and if you’re not careful enough then you might realize that you’ve been staring at it for quite some time. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Did Bhangra in Delhi, Viral Video is Breaking the Internet

Watch the world’s most annoying GIF here:

Zoom in from r/Unexpected

People on Twitter were not amused by this annoying GIF when it was reshared by a Twitter user. Sample a few tweets below:

Caught you staring

Spent 5 whole minutes

That’s a long time

Got ensnared

Been there, done that

Hitting the roof

Wow, that is really infuriating

The world’s most annoying GIF has definitely made a lot of people on the social media irritated and angry. After all, you feel like a fool when you realize that you are looking at a clip which is going on in an infinite loop.