In this video, a group of young women performing hoverboards dance to Justin Bieber’s perfect song, “Sorry,” and the video is going viral. And these girls are just fantastic!

The Nex Board hoverboards brand generously provided all the hoverboards for this entire two-minute dance video. On hoverboards, one can barely walk on solid ground and they’re doing acrobatics. Sheer Madness! Someone should give these ladies an Oscar for Best Hoverboard in a Motion Picture (on YouTube).

The dance starts with a simple note but then Kelianne and Kailey twirling around atop their boards, the performance quickly elevates to ‘don’t try this at home’ from ‘cool’ territory. (ALSO READ: Shakira song Try Everything from Zootopia music video: Shakira sings for pop star Gazelle!)

While the hoverboards turn the girls get off their feet and begin to balance on their hands and pretty quickly move on to one-handed positions from regular handstands which are quite impressive. And that’s all while the boards are still moving.

Then, more female gymnasts in leggings and crop top joined the duo is joined, all of them were with Kelianne and Kailey on the USA National Team. They were also the finalists at the World Championships for acrobatic gymnastics. Now enjoy their hoverboards dance!