Music has a certain feeling that touches soul and heart both at the same time. Some believe musicians are the angels sent on the earth by the almighty to bring peace. While some are of the opinion that they are sent for spreading love in this world where brutality has become a day to day affair. Instruments might by different, but the message is quite the same — spread love and peace.

Musicians from across the globe have used various instruments not just to impress their audience or listeners, but it is a mean that creates an aura of imaginary world all around him/her. This motivates the artist to think beyond boundaries and cross them. Music brings happiness, hope and faith in life. That faith empowers a human to be human rather than behave like a machine and work like machine. (ALSO READ: Steve-O’s fire breathing back flip for Slow Mo Guys makes one amazing video)

Perhaps, what we are speaking here can only be resembled through the love and passion that one understand. For appreciating someone’s music one needs to first appreciate that person as an artist. One needs to respect for his art and his/her art and perhaps then would respect the music hidden inside the person. This video will make you make you do this. Have a look. (ALSO READ: Spunky babe Mandira Bedi does dubsmash for Amazon (Watch Video)

The most beautiful thing I have ever heard and you have the opportunity to hear Golshifteh play with me tomorrow-Jeudi 18 Juin, 20h Eglise St Roch!!(Goldshifteh Farahani on the Hang Drum)Posted by Nadeah on Wednesday, June 17, 2015