Reality show Bigg Boss‘ most notorious contestant ever, Swami Om, has yet again indulged in a controversial act. Swami Om ji was booted out of the on-going Bigg Boss 10 not once but twice – the second time and once and for all for peeing on fellow contestants! Can you believe how disgusting that is? While Bigg Boss 10 contestant Priyanka Jagga had only peed in her own pants during a task, Om Swami went ahead and peed on two other contestants! Salman Khan rightly kicked him out of the show and Swami Om is still feeling the effect of that kick, with him badmouthing the Bollywood superstar and Bigg Boss 10 host left, right and centre. But the latest tweet by a news channel shows that Swami Om has crossed his limits again. This time, Swami Om was caught on live camera, splashing water on a news anchor on air!

Watch the video here shared by the Twitter handle of News World India. As their poor anchor goes on ranting like Arnab Goswami used to do on The Newshour Debate on Times Now as its Editor-in-Chief, Swami Om ji loses his calm and splashes water from the glass in front of him. The anchor also picks up a glass and threatens to pour it on Swami Om, in a hilarious fight on air.

“Dont’ speak, don’t speak! No, no!” screams Swami Om ji, having lost his patience with the anchor who is not letting him speak, Arnab Goswami style. As the news anchor asks Om Swami to be seated again, the other guests, which include Priyanka Jagga, another Bigg Boss 10 controversial contestant, don’t know where to look!

Just today we told you how it is being said that Swami Om claimed that Salman Khan has filed a defamation suit against him, and now we have this video. Looks like the tantrik of a Baba (or so claim the contestants of Bigg Boss 10) is going to soon become a maniac if he continues having these kind of temper problems. Unless, of course, all this is pure acting to gain more television rating points and continue to appear on one reality show or the other. What do you think?