You will be shocked to know the reason why this man tried to escape hospital from the intensive care ward. The man was caught on camera escaping his intensive care ward from hospital after just having an operation. All he wanted was a drink, but when the nurses refused, the man took this extreme step to escape the hospital in his sheets for modesty reasons only to grab a beer to quench his thirst!

The man unhooked all the tubes that were attached to his body post the surgery and took off half- naked to the nearest shop to grab a beer. But he was faced with even more disturbing weather of bone-chilling -16 C outside the hospital.(ALSO READ: Woah! Now you can open beer bottle without touching it!)

Nonetheless, the man was adamant that he wanted a beer, so he took off. But to his disappointment the police were called to the store and the man was then taken back to hospital without any beer.