Mexico, Sep 1: It is a common view that the size of your penis matters a lot in your sexual life. But a man from Mexico claims to have world’s largest penis and his life is miserable. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera claimed that he has 19-inch long penis and the size of his sexual part is destroying his life.

Mexican newspaper Vanguardia published a story carrying the news of Cabrera who says that his professional and social life were destroyed due to his long penis. His penis is reportedly 48.2 centimeters (nearly 19 inches) long and the tip’s circumference is 25 centimeters (nearly 10 inches). (ALSO READ: OMG! This 19-year-old girl wants to have sex with men in every city)

Cabrera said the newspaper that women are afraid of him. His penis is too long for him to kneel at prayer or work following financial problems. He also provided the medical image of his penis to prove his claims.

Cabrera wanted his name to be written in the Guinness World Records so that he can get some profit of his trouble. Currently, Jonah Falcon is believed to have the largest penis in the world, measuring 13.5 inches. According to data compiled by EveryoneWeb from a number of different studies, the average penis size around the world in 5.5 inch.