The Times Square witnessed something very different during this weekend. Something that they are not used to witnessed every other day. The Time Square echoed with some major Bollywood Masala performance by a group of girls. But here’s the thing the group of dancers were wearing nothing but some layers of body paint. Yes the dance group put on some make up, heavy jewelry and of course body paint instead of clothes.

They pulled off some dance moves to the popular Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan featuring song Chammak Challo. They danced their way off to the whole song while people were busy shooting them with their mobiles at the Pedestrian Plaza at Times Square. (Watch what happens when a woman decides to go out in broad daylight wearing nothing but a thong!)

As the performance came to an end, they put up a placard on display for the crowd to see. It read: Rebtel Gives You Something to Talk About #IndiaUnlimited. Yes, the whole performance was a publicity stunt for Rebtel’s Unlimited Calling Plan to India, for just USD 8 a month with the first month free. It was a pre planned execution done by Rebtel at the Times Square with dancers clad in only body paint dancing to the popular Indian song.  Rebtel was founded in 2006 and is a profitable company  headquartered in Stockholm with team members across the globe. You can check out the video below.