Jan 21: With World Wrestling Entertainment’s monthly paper-per-view Royal Rumble just around the corner, WWE just released a new video compiling of the superstars with most Royal Rumble eliminations. The list is full of great superstars: Big Show, Kane, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin. (ALSO READ; WWE Royal Rumble & Vince McMahon’s Revenge: Can Reigns defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship?)

In 2014, Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns made a record of having the most elimination in a single match up with 14. However, the young athlete is not on this list but there is a possibility that he just might get into this top 5 list because of the ‘One vs All’ style Royal Rumble match up. Before Reigns however, that record was set by Kane in the 2001 Royal Rumble.

The list is of people who made headlines at WWE Royal Rumble. They have always dominated the match up and most of them have won the match at least once. Big Show’s sheer size makes him the man to beat at these matches and the wrestler has gone to be the final two in four Royal Rumble matches. He has eliminated 30 wrestlers. Maybe this year he will actually win the Royal Rumble? Looking at the current storylines, his victory is unlikely.

Another gigantic wrestler Undertaker is number fourth. Undertaker has come in at number 30 three times in the Royal Rumble and has plenty of eliminations to stack up to his name. There is no news to whether the legend will be appearing on Sunday’s Royal Rumble. Stone Cold Steve Austin is at number 3 and obviously he will be on the list. He is only WWE wrestler to win the Royal Rumble three times in his career. Shawn Michaels comes at number two and the undisputed number one is the Big Red Monster Kane. It is highly probable that the wrestler’s record will remain for a really long time as he may wrestle again on Sundays’ pay per view.