There would be hardly anyone who wouldn’t know the name of John Cena since he is one of the most popular figures of sports entertainment. The WWE superstar is a winner of numerous world championships and is a household name around the world. However, when we think of John Cena we think of him in the WWE arena staring down his opponents but not with a cricket bat on a cricketing field no? The WWE-star-turned-actor is currently in Australia promoting his movie Ferdinand and paid a visit to Sydney Thunder camp ahead of the 2017-18 BBL. The actor took to his Twitter account and shared a few pictures with the Thunder skipper and Australian cricketer Shane Watson and wrote, “Read some #Ferdinand, played some Cricket (poorly) and had a great time the past few days in Sydney until the teacher took attendance in class and I was marked absent…” He tried his hand at batting after being coached by Shane Watson.

John Cena found an able and versatile coach in the form of Sydney Thunder skipper Shane Watson who gave him some tips on batting, bowling and fielding. The pictures that flooded the social media showed John Cena trying his hand at batting and in deep conversation with Australian cricketer Shane Watson. Shane Watson also seemed to have a gala time with John Cena as he shared a picture with the WWE star. Check out the photos below. Dwayne Johnson Has a Travelling Gym Called the Iron Paradise With 18,000 kg Equipment

John Cena was marked absent

John Cena could hit some sixes

Shane Watson’s awesome day

Watch John Cena bat after being coached by Shane Watson in this video

40-year-old John Cena has won the world championships 16 times and has won 25 championships till date. He has also tried his hand at rapping beside acting and wrestling. Ferdinand is scheduled to be released on December 15, 2017, in 3D and 2D.