New Delhi: And just like that, it’s a wrap on 2019.

This year, too, the Internet didn’t disappoint and ensured that we had our utmost fill of funny, quirky and inspirational videos. Apart from the obvious ones, many unconventional videos became topics of conversation on social media this year and kept us entertained throughout.

Here are 10 viral videos which we absolutely loved and couldn’t help but share it with our friends and family.

1. Paragliding troubles of Vipin Sahu

Well, undoubtedly, this was the funniest video of 2019! The hilarious video of UP’s Vipin Sahu requesting the instructor to make him land while paragliding, went crazy viral on social media and sparked a plethora of funny memes online.

His words “Bhai bas land kara de” and “Bhai 500 jyada le le lekin land kara de” still crack up people.

2. Singing sensation Ranu Mondal

In July this year, West Bengal’s Ranu Mondal sang Lata Mangeshkar’s iconic song Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai at Ranaghat Railway station and the rest is history. She was catapulted to overnight fame after a man noticed her at the station and recorded her, the video of which went viral within seconds on social media.

From offers to be in a reality show in Mumbai to singing for Himesh Reshammiya’s movie, Happy Hardy and Heer, her life changed for the better. Now, she is an internet sensation to say the least, and whatever she does, makes headlines.


3. Bollywood’s Bottle cap challenge

Well, a fun little challenge made quite a buzz in 2019, especially after Bollywood became obsessed with it. The challenge was to place the cap on top of a water bottle with the goal of unscrewing it with a single kick, the catch being that the bottle should not topple over.

Akshay Kumar was the first who started the Bottle Cap Challenge after taking inspiration from Jason Statham and soon other celebs from B-town joined him and started accepting the challenge.

4. The disgraceful video of Indians ‘stealing’ from a Bali hotel

A video of an Indian family getting caught stealing accessories from a hotel in Bali took the internet by storm this July. In the viral video, the hotel staff can be seen opening their luggage to find hotel electronics and accessories and netizens dubbed the entire incident as ‘disgraceful.’

5. The ‘mature bag’ we all need

In July again, a video went viral on social media where a young guy explains how to look attractive in college. According to him, you can only look cool when you carry a brown bag purchased from Amazon and the meme-factory found its fodder.


6. Kamal, Kamal, Kamal, Kamal

Ahead of Lok Sabha Election 2019, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Vineet Agarwal Sharda, while addressing an election rally in Uttar Pradesh repeated ‘Kamal Kamal Kamal..’ multiple times in the span of 36 seconds. 

The video became viral, and Sharda of course, became the butt of all jokes.

7.Baby, baby, baby…

A video of Karnataka’s farmer singing Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s superhit song Baby left netizens stunned, with people gushing that it is better than the original.


8.The case of the expensive bananas

Netizens were outraged after Rahul Bose shared an experience of how a hotel charged a hefty amount for just two bananas. Bose posted the video on Twitter complaining about how JW Marriott charged Rs 442 for two bananas from him, prompting debates on social media.

9. A young school girl’s funny rant

A video of a young Gujarati girl venting about how she does not find studying to be a pleasant thing, resonated with a lot of people. She says how she has to wake up daily at 6 am to rush to school, the pressure of studying so many subjects and demands “chutkara“(freedom) for a month.

When asked what she will do if she meets the person responsible for setting up schools, the girl says: “Main usse dhoke ke na, puri paani dal ke, istri kar dalungi puri!(I’ll wash that person, pour in a whole lot of water, and iron him/her out)”.

10. Caa Caa Chhi Chhi 

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s funny slogan against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) became widely popular and viral during the agitations.

The 12-second clip in which Banerjee says ‘Caa Caa Chhi Chhi’ amused netizens a lot!

Which one’s your favourite?