In an unfortunate incident of its kind, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein saw fire on its set again. The sets had also witnessed a similar incident last year when Raman Ishita’s house caught fire due to which the location of Yeh Hai Mohabatein sets was changed to a new place. (Read: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita plans hot surprise for Raman – a belly dancer in their bedroom!)

Here is a video captured by Bollywood Royal, which shows the fire struck at Raman’s office set. In the video, we can actually see Raman’s office set catching fire. The video shows Raman aka Karan Patel and Romi aka Aly Goni along with their team mates of Yeh Hai Mohabatein standing at the spot.

However no one of the team mates was injured in the accident. What exactly led to fire struck on the sets of Yeh Hai Mohabatein? Was there any major problem which led to the fire? We will have to wait for a statement from the team for an answer.

Watch the video below to know how Raman reacted to the whole scenario!