Online trolling has become so frequent that we have accepted it as a norm. This malicious form of spreading hate is especially more in the case of female celebrities, be it from film or television industry. The latest victim of cyber bullying is Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress Krishna Mukherjee aka lovely Aliya. The 25-year-old is called ‘homosexual’ after she posted a picture with her real-life sister, Saru Mukherjee Sharma on Instagram. Krishna uploaded an image where the two sisters are pouting, and their lips apparently have touched, the young actress is called ‘lesbian’, ‘lesbo’ while many users posted comments such as ‘disgusting photo’, ‘shameful’ and more.

Beautiful actress Krishna Mukherjee who plays a crucial part in Star Plus daily soap, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, drew the ire of spineless haters with her recent activity on Instagram. The young girl posted a photograph to wish for her elder sister’s birthday. Krishna’s sister, Saru is herself a famous blogger, and in this picture, the two sisters are seen pouting (which is a very normal act). But because their lips are slighting touching in the process, the netizens got a chance to puke hatred. A number of comments were posted on the photograph calling Krishna lesbian in a derogatory fashion (Homosexuality in India is still a taboo and crime). Sonam Kapoor’s Cleavage Revealing Dress in Selfie With Anushka Sharma Receives Major Backlash from Online Trolls!

One user named crita101Yuk posted, ‘nasty, why do people post such pic!!!!!!!!!!’, while many, many wrote, ‘Lesbo’, ‘lesbian’ in series of comments. A certain troll with handle thakursahab_civilengineer who feels it is powerful to sit behind the keyboard wrote, ‘fucking bitch’ in the comments section. Seeing so much of hatred would make anyone feel enraged, helpless and low. But thanks to the nicer section of internet janta and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein‘s Aliya’s dedicated fans who came to actress Krishna’s rescue. They not only called out dirty minds but also spread positivity with beautiful words.

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You can read Krishna Mukherjee’s sweet birthday note for her sister here – “Happppyyy birthday my love,sister,best friend,Maa and teacher.. I am really sorry I am not there with u on ur birthday and u knw I really wanted to but I am little busy achieving ur dreams ❤️ I love u @diapers_and_lipsticks and trust me U r the best sister, best wife, best daughter and now best mother too.. shona you r perfect and you r sunshine of my life so I can not imagine my life without u who always stuck by my side and pick me up whenever I fall, thank u for giving me ur shoulder whenever i need. Even though we r miles apart, you r always there in my heart ❤️ thank u so much for everything DUBOO😍 And m sorry if I ever hurt u🙏🏻 happy birthday @diapers_and_lipsticks god bless u with all the happiness and success in life.” Isn’t it super adorable?