Indian medal winning Olympian Yogeshwar Dutt proves why he rightly deserves to be called the national hero. The champion wrestler from Haryana who is all set to marry his fiancée, Sheetal on January 16 floored the nation with his recent act of thoughtfulness. Yogeshwar Dutt refused dowry and accepted Re 1 as shagun. The bronze medalist in 2012 London Olympics is India’s proud sporting hero who inspires the countrymen with his righteous personality. The 34-year-old who got engaged to Sheetal, daughter of Haryana Congressman Jaibhagwan Sharma did his bit to stop the age-old evil practice of dowry system in India. His mother Sushila Devi said Yogeshwar’s marriage was a special occasion and they would accept Re 1 shagun as a mark of good omen from the bride’s family, but nothing else is required.

Yogeshwar Dutt is a sporting icon, the wrestler to bring an Olympic medal home, the man who does not shy away from voicing his opinion when it matters. On Saturday, the 34-year-old wrestler from Rohtak showed he is not just a hero on the wrestling turf but also off it. Standing against age-old practices in the name of traditions in India can be quite challenging. Yogeshwar Dutt who got engaged to Haryana Congressman Jaibhagwan Sharma’s daughter Sheetal on January 15 set an example of the fight against dowry.

The tough man took Re 1 from his bride-to-be’s family as shagun on their engagement day. Yogeshwar Dutt exclaimed what motivated him to stop this uncalled for age-old practice. The wrestler has seen his family collecting money for the marriage of girls in the family. Coming from a poor background, Yogeshwar Dutt was deeply affected by this routine. He said, “I saw my family struggle to collect dowry for the girls of the family.”

“As a result, I decided on two things while growing up — I will excel in wrestling, and I will not accept dowry. My first dream has been realised and now it is time to keep my second promise,” Yogeshwar Dutt further added. The wrestling champion also said how he wished his father Rammehar Dutt and his first guru Master Satbir Singh had been alive to see him fulfil both his promises. Nevertheless, the two would be highly proud of Yogeshwar Dutt just like the entire country is right now.