Summer is almost here and you would for sure love to slurp on some ice lollies.Don’t load up on all wrong kind of food during your snack hour! What you can really do is head to the kitchen to get yourself something to cool down with. Get some tummy-rubbing grub! This is one DIY recipe video tutorial that you must try this Summer. (ALSO READ: Say goodbye to health woes with Ombra Fitness Tracker Bra!)

So if you don’t want all the sugar lollies to get in between your workout routine to get that perfect flat stomach, we share with you this amazing DIY recipe. This is one healthy snack that you have got to try. It is fruity, fun and fabulously fit. All you have to grab is some strawberries, kiwi, tangerine, sweet lime and fresh lime water. pour all of it into a popsicle mold and freeze overnight. Check out the video below.