Based on a true story, this video will give you goosebumps when you see a young 7-year-old dying, knowing that we are all responsible for it. we all are responsible for his life, and this is what we did to him. Although we have many expectation from the next generation, we do not realise that what we are doing right now might not be a great start for the new generations.

Parents have many dreams and aspirations for their children, but they don’t realise that one thing they are doing wrong might be act as a slow poison to their children. If nothing is done about the rising pollution, Delhi might register world’s largest premature deaths soon. The public health threats is directly proportional to the degrading environmental changes and the rise in air pollution.(ALSO READ: 7 Simple things you can do to improve the air quality and protect yourself from the terrible pollution)

Almost 30 million people in India suffer from respiratory condition marked by attacks of spasm and difficulty in breathing. With the rising level of air pollution it might not just be difficult for those who suffer from asthma but for also the rest of the people. The degrading condition is becoming more and more dangerous for young children.

Children in Delhi today are breathing in toxins 10 times more dangerous than the safety level issued by the WHO. To solve this huge problem revamping transportation system in necessary. People should make use of public transport, car pooling and avoid using diesel vehicles. Spread awareness and share this video to save lives of children.