Not too long ago, year 2006 was here. Those who are in their mid-20s right now, would have been probably a 8th or 9th grader in school. A kid then and may be things in these post which will remind you of those days now, will make you a kid again. Would you believe it’s already 10 years since Rohit’s son Krishna realized that his super powers have to be put to use to save his father.

Aryan, the thief was caught by Jai and Ali only to be allowed to run his beach food corner with Sunehri. Villagers of Laholi were celebrating their lottery winning shares. This was the same time, when HR Musik, yes! Himesh Reshamiya was painting the town red with his back to back hit songs from ‘jhalak dhikla jaa’, to ‘aap ki khatir’.

And there is so much more which happened a decade ago. Lets see how time just flied away on a jet pack with these bests of 2006.

Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor still had ‘Dilchaspi’ in each other and they found love and trapped in murder story in the movie 36 China Town. Yes, we know Upen Patel debuted from this movie.


Though, they are better off now! And better things were happening to Himesh Reshamiya. The man did swoon everyone to his tunes. Love him or hate him, you cannot ignore his cap!  Aahista aahista Himesh humko deewana kar gaye.


2006 had to go down in the history, an indispensable part of Bollywood. Remember how technology and use of visual effects were being experimented and now our films have come a long way. But they started with introducing us to Indian superhero Krrish.


And underworld never looked so sexy and edgy before Shah Rukh Khan became Don. (ALSO READ: Shahrukh Khan’s Ever Evolving Looks, Part 2: 2005, Onward)


This is the same year when Munna and his bro Circuit learnt ‘Gandhi-giri‘ and did away with ‘Gunda giri‘. Vidya Balan joined their pack as well and Boman didn’t get well soon, he took his own sweet time for it in Lage Raho Munna Bhai.

It was not only Munna and Circuit taking up their responsibilities to change the world. There were a bunch college drop-outs and students along with a ‘firangi mem‘ who fought only to tell their fellow youths, what youth and country needs to stand for.


Remember our very own DJ doing some khalbali in paatshala!

Vishal Bhardwaj gave us the cult classic of all time Omkara and who doesn’t remember ‘Langda Tyagi‘ stealing the show!

And the most interesting and awaited movie of 2006 was Phir Hera Pheri, we couldn’t have waited long to see Babu Rao getting into mess because of Raju and Shyam. Oh! the trio of Akshay Kumar- Paresh Rawal- Suniel Shetty never failed to have us laughing fits! (ALSO READ: Hilarious throwback video of Heath Ledger goes viral)

Paresh Rawal, the talented actor along with Om Puri, Shakti Kapoor & Rajpal Yadav gave us the ultimate comedy cult classics Bhaagam Bhag, Malamaal Weekly and Chup Chupke, all three directed by Priyadarshan. We bet you can still not watch this movie without splitting in parts with laughter!

Bollywood got it’s most amazing talent, which went on to rule it like a queen in a decade. Yes! Kangan Ranaut made her debut with Gangster in 2006.


The list goes on but we have special mentions for some of the important events which made 2006 the year it is. Taxi no. 9211 changed the way we looked at cinema with stories away from mainstream, little realized then and now it is one important movie which will always have it’s special place in history of Bollywood. (ALSO READ: Amitabh Bachchan feels blessed as Don completes 38 years) maxresdefault A legendary icon, Bismillah Khan left for his heavenly abode, but his shehnai will never lose the magic.

That’s how 2006 rolled it for us! We are thankful 2006 happened.