A young man has been arrested for pulling a dangerous stunt on a busy highway in Brazil. The 24-year-old man was captured in a video which has gone viral. He was filmed maneuvering his two-wheeler with one hand while he lay on his bike, with his feet up in the air behind him. Looking at his pose in the video it seems the man was pretending to fly like Superman. For this reason, the stunt is even called the “Superman” stunt sometimes. A video posted on Facebook by Brazil’s A Voz de Anapolis page has gone viral and shows the man using only one hand to ride his bike. The man is balanced on his belly on the bike and rides the busy highway for at least 15 seconds. The man was reportedly arrested for pulling off his daredevil stunts on the highway.

The video was filmed on Wednesday by a passing car near Anapolis in the state of Goias. However, some local local reports suggest that the video was filmed was filmed not by passersby but by a member of Brazil’s Federal Highway Police or Policia Rodovaiaria Federal. According to media reports published in Globo, the man was arrested for pulling off the dangerous stunts on the busy highway. Teenager’s Daredevil Stunts on High-Rise Buildings in Mumbai Raise Security Concerns

Watch the video here:

The man was charged with riding a moped without a proper helmet, no number plate on his bike and driving without license and registration. However, the man was released from police custody after he pledged to show up at a court for his sentencing.