There are a lot of debates around the sexuality that have been around for quite some time. However, this incident of a Caribbean village is nothing like you have ever seen. Young girls in Las Salinas village of Dominican Republic are making heads turn as they grow penises and transform into a boy. This sexual transformation tale is leaving people shocked and is actually caused by a rare genetic disorder. When young girls turn 12, the begin growing penises and transform into a boy due to the rare genetic condition. Baby girl born with two torsos, four arms and four legs in India! Watch video of deformed newborn from Bihar who is no more

This natural transformation from a female body into a male body is due to the lack of one enzyme, and the condition is called guevedoche which translates to ‘penis at 12’. The Dominican Republic village has one in 90 girls changing into a boy when they hit puberty age. According to reports, the girls are born without testes, and their sex organ looks like a vagina, however, when they turn 12, the organ begins to grow into a penis. This rare condition is caused by a missing enzyme that leads to the production of a male sex hormone in the womb. Doctors Save Child Born With Two Penises And Extra Limbs From Being Dumped In The River

The children who are born as girls and grow penises are called pseudohermaphrodite and were a part of the BBC 2 series, Extraordinary to Life – the Extraordinary Making of You. According to reports, the number of cases of this rare genetic condition in the village is quite high, and it is now a common scene in the village to have a baby girl who grows up into a boy. The documentary series made on these pseudohermaphrodites shows the story of their transformation and a 24-year-old man who went through this natural transformation also spoke in the documentary. Baby Boy Born Carrying His Twin Inside Him In Thane, Parasitic Twin Successfully Removed By Doctors

“I remember I used to wear a little red dress. I was born at home instead of in a hospital. They didn’t know what sex I was,” the pseudohermaphrodite who is now a biological male told in the documentary. The enzyme, 5 alpha-Reductase, converts testosterone to 5 alpha -dihydrotestosterone and a deficiency of this enzyme has been identified as a reason behind this extraordinary transformation. (Edited by: Aishwarya Krishnan)