YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen comes out as gay in touching confession

After Miley Cyrus revealed her bisexuality in an interview to Paper Mag, for whom she even posed nude, YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen has come out as gay in a touching confession in a video on her channel. The artiste speaks about being called a ‘lesbian’ by a male classmate when very young in school. And even though she did catch herself staring at girls, she didn’t quite understand why he called her lesbian in a derogatory way. She didn’t know at the time that it was supposed to be bad.

Ingrid talks about suppression, and then going on to date guys she really cares about even now. She says, “I have dated guys, and I was in a relationship…that…has ended.” She breaks down, as she reveals that the last man she dated has been very supportive, and that “I’ve been really really lucky to have somebody like that in my life”.

Ingrid daringly says, “I can care about a man, but I cannot be in love with a man.” Watch the brave coming out of Ingrid Nilsen in the video here! (ALSO SEE: All Love is equal: Check out romantic photos of Gay couples!)