The hilarious pun ‘Sakht Launda’ has gained a cult following in  last few months with credits to new-gen comedian, Zakir Khan. Zakir is one of the most-loved and followed names from the progressive clan of comedians owing to the great rise of stand-up comedy in the country right now. Zakir’s recent video reviewing hit song ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ from ’90s has gone viral, for he has lend his ‘punny’ logic to song. The video is a first, which seems to be part of probable series ‘Kabhi Gaana Kabhi Logic’ executed by Zakir.

If you are a 90’s kid, then you just cannot forget how, Raveena Tandon sizzled the screen every time ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ played on television. The song from crime-thriller Mohra starred Akshay Kumar, playing a cop. ‘Bhaisaab yeh woh gaana hai jisne bahoto ka bachpan kharab karke unhe jawaan kardiya’, this comment by Zakir in beginning of the video explains the logic, why you have to watch the epic review. Zakir brings out the vibes of ‘tharak’ lying beneath the whole role play between Akshay and Raveena’s character. After all, which cop goes to a crack-rescue a suicide case dressed in suit, looking dapper? It happens only in Bollywood, babu.

Darr ke jeet hai ke nahi, lekin tharak zaroor hai!

Muskaan ki chamkaan dekh rahe ho ladke ki! 

Zakir’s feat with AIB Diwas where he performed an act sharing anecdotes on how to woo a Delhi girl, got him an epic recognition. Moreover the subtle words like, Sakht Launda, Muskaan Ki Chamkaan and Badal Bahut Zaroori hai have become trends on social media and we are thankful to Zakir, for helping audience transcend from the conventional comic acts to witty and subtle comic acts. (ALSO READ: AIB Diwas: Zakir Khan shares tips on wooing city women)

Here watch the video:


Zakirism at its best!