Not everyone in life gets the opportunities to realise dreams and work towards achieving it. Like this Zomato boy who originally wanted to be a singer but ended up working at the food delivery app in Guwahati, Assam. However, a man who got his food delivered by the boy didn’t let his talent go wasted. After reading about his singing abilities in his profile on the app, the man decided to record a video of him singing and uploaded it on social media asking people to help him fulfil his dream.

The video that the man named Anirban Chakraborty shared on Facebook has now gone viral. It features Zomato delivery boy Pranjit Haloi singing the popular old Hindi movie song – Gori Tera Gaon Bada Pyara from 1976 film Chitchor. He sings it so beautifully that it’s difficult to take away your attention from his melodious voice.

Anirban explained the entire incident in the caption of his post. He wrote, “To my all Frnd , Presenting Pranjit Haloi ( Zomato delivery boy who delivered food today at my doorstep ) …. I saw in the app that ” he wishes to become a singer someday ” .. I planned and requested him to sing a song . he is so good that i made this video … I request everyone to watch and help to fulfill his dreams …” (sic)

The video has received more than 10 thousand likes and over eight thousand shares with comments ranging from ‘fabulous’ to ‘May his dreams come true’ and other happy wishes. Check this out:

Comments on Pranjit Haloi’s video (Photo Courtesy: Video Screenshot)

We need more people like Anirban who don’t shy away from taking efforts in helping someone to fulfil his/her dreams. It only takes a moment!