In today’s day and age when we depend on apps for a whole load of things, conversations with a company’s customer care executives can sometimes be an ordeal and sometimes a hilarious exchange of wit. In one such instance a boring, mundane conversation turned hilarious and went viral on the internet. We’ve come across many such instances abroad where customer care executives and social media executives have made our day with their hilarious wit and ingenious thinking but seldom seen it in India. However, in this incident a Twitter user, Priya Iyengar ordered a cake from the Zomato app and forgot to leave any message for the icing. The result was that they improvised on the message and made it into a seriously funny situation that would compel anybody to laugh out loud. They wrote ‘No Garlic’ in icing on the birthday cake as the message. Troll Cakes: New York bakery replies to trolls with their own messages on cakes and we Indians surely need some!

Priya Iyengar, ordered a cake from the bakers listed in Zomato but forgot to provide any message for the icing so the bakers took some creative liberties with the message and made one of their own. They wrote, “No garlic. Food must be spicy.” Are you confused reading the caption? Well, so was Priya Iyengar but later she realized that the bakers probably must have taken generic instructions from her profile on the app and the result made Twitterati’s day. She shared a tweet with the photo of the cake and wrote, “I ordered bday cake off Zomato.(didn’t specify message to be added) Bakers took generic instructions in my profile & ran with it, I guess.” This Pimple Cake Is the New Internet Sensation, Reactions Range From Delicious To Gross

The No Garlic Cake

The explanation

The rectification

The post went viral on Twitter and people had a hearty laugh at the gaffe. Sample a few tweets below.

No Happy Birthday though

Similar Experience

Too funny

The post went viral but Zomato ensured that they sent another cake to Priya Iyengar for her birthday and tried to make amends. However, this time they forgot to write happy birthday!