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We have already seen car cabin air purification systems making headway into India with big players like Bosch and Philips already showing their wares. Now Euroclean, a household name in India when it comes to cleaning and purification systems, has also joined the fray with its own car air purification system. Also Read - Ubon CL-60 wireless earphones launched in India, priced at Rs 2,499

Euroclean Euroair Pureair cabin air purifier Also Read - Volkswagen Welcomes The Festive Season With Volksfest 2017

It is called the Euroclean Euroair Pureair system and features a range of purification elements to give the occupants up to 99.9% bacteria free environment to breathe in. It uses a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter which cleans most of the particulate impurities like dust, pollen, mould, bacteria etc. The air is then purified further using a Photocatalyst and a UV lamp which reduce the aldehyde and bacteria content in the air. A Silver Nano Activated Carbon Filter eliminates germs, virus and odour to pass on pure air to the occupants. The Pure Air system also features a high speed motor for faster purification of air, while an onboard ioniser generates negative ions to keep the cabin air as pure as possible. 

The units weights a meagre 320gms and it only 19cm wide (the dimensions are 190mm x 125mm x 68mm). Like a typical Euroclean machine, the Pure Air is priced economically at Rs. 4,600 only!