DIY: Changing your car's wiper blades Also Read - Simple DIY Sangeet Decoration Ideas For Any Budget

What: Windscreen wipers are the things that clear your windscreen from water in the rains Also Read - Video : With the EX, the Force One goes more value-for-money!

  Also Read - With the EX, the Force One goes more value-for-money!

Why: If your windscreen isn’t clear, you won’t be able to see clearly – and that’s a bad thing, especially considering our monsoon conditions, with respect to both visibility and condition of the roads.

When: Whenever they stop cleaning the windscreen effectively. This includes leaving streaks, and unwiped areas where there should be a clean sweep

Skill level: 0.5. You need to know how to release a catch.

Equipment level: 0. Needs two opposable thumbs.


– Pull the arm away from the windscreen, like you do when you shampoo the car. 

– Turn the blade so that it makes a right angle with the arm.

– Press on the catch at the rear of the blade and push the blade into the arm.

– Rotate catch and the blade will be able to come free of the hook at the end of the arm.

– Replace the wiper blades – a stock replacement will be sufficient, but look out for better quality ones like those used on premium cars. These are expensive blades but they last much longer and offer a clean windscreen even if there is a considerable amount of mud mixed with the water on the area to be cleaned.

– Repeat the above steps in reverse order to install the new wiper blades.