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Diwali is a great time of the year when families get together and spend quality moments with each other. For this purpose itself they drive down to the relatives and family members on roads that become potentially hazardous due to the firecrackers being burst outside. These are made under terrible conditions by impoverished workers and do not follow any safety regulations. They pose a serious threat to you and your car which you definitely want to avert at any cost. So here are some tips that you can follow to save that new car you bought on Dhanteras from any harm or any other car for that matter. Also Read - LIVE: IPL Auction For Two New Teams Underway In Dubai

1) First and foremost precaution is to keep a fire extinguisher inside your car to calm down any fire that could erupt in and around your car. A portable one that is sold especially for cars will do great in damage control. Also Read - Bigg Boss 15: Not Vidhi Pandya But Simba Nagpal Should Have Been Eliminated | Twitter Poll

2) Always keep the windows closed while driving to prevent any stray firecracker from entering your car.

3) Stop your car at a fair distance if you see any group of people standing on the road with anticipating and optimistic faces, they are certainly waiting for a cracker to burst.

4) If you see them, ask any of them if there si only a single cracker or more of them lined up, you don’t want to get caught by surprise.

5) Drive under controllable speeds which will allow you to manage the vehicle in case of any contingencies.

6) As most people stay at home during Diwali, there are chances you might come across several secluded spots, deserted streets and even crowded roads, so tread cautiously or avoid these ways altogether.

7) When you have reached your destination avoid using a car cover as these things are not fire proof and might accentuate the small fire that might get lit by a harmless firecracker.

8) Park your car in a spot away from the bursting firecrackers, try to initiate a safe parking area in your colony to allow everyone to enjoy the festival without stressing about their cars.

9) Best option is to park under a covered area as the firecrackers can spoil the paint of the car.

10) Do not allow any to use your car bonnet or top as a stand for lighting any whistling rockets as it is sure to leave a scar at the spot on your vehicle.