Summer is here and it’s already going to get searing hot and humid in just a few days. The summers in India can reach as high as 50-degree celsius in some cities and the cars which keep us cool with their air con in this hot weather go through a lot. The temperatures of the cars in these conditions can spike to more than 60-70 degrees making your vehicle components go through rigorous loads. Prolonged periods of similar conditioning could shorten the life of the vehicles or damage them permanently.Also Read - Kerala Rains: Death Toll Rises to 23; PM Modi Discusses Situation With CM Vijayan | 10 Points

Thus we have prepared some tips to keep the car in a perfect working condition which will help it face the rigours of this demanding season. Also Read - Bigg Boss 15: Vishal Kotian is Overshadowing Jay Bhanushali, Says Fans | Twitter Poll


The tyres need to be kept in optimum health by checking the tyre pressure regularly, say every week. Poor inflation of the tyres will lead to low fuel economy and too much pressure inside the tyres can lead to bursting of the tyre wall as it will heat up too much on a long route. Also Read - IND vs ENG Dream11 Team Prediction, Fantasy Hints T20 World Cup Warm-Up Match: Captain, Vice-Captain – India vs England, Playing 11s For Today’s T20 Match at Dubai International Cricket Stadium 07:30 PM IST October 18, Monday

On the other hand, if you thought inflating your tyres too much can give you high fuel economy because of low rolling resistance than you thought wrong as the high temperature on driving on long routes can also lead to bursting of the tyre.

The tyre pressure also needs to be adjusted according to the weight of luggage and occupants inside the cabin.

Another major fact to pay attention to is the alignment of the wheels.

Air Conditioning

AC is the most important unit of the vehicle in the summers and is usually overworked. Thus the AC unit needs to be properly serviced at right intervals with coolant and compressor oil checked.

Also when the vehicles are parked in direct sunlight the cabin heats up like an oven as the greenhouse gases get collected inside it which need a medium to escape. So open up the windows with your AC on full blast for 2-3 minutes and then roll up your windows when you think interior temperature is bearable.


Just like your body, the car also needs certain fluids which need to be kept on their optimum levels especially in the summers. The coolant levels need to be checked and make sure the coolant is a reliable brand that you are putting in your vehicle. Over that get your radiator checked if the car is more than 3 years old.

Engine and Transmission Oil

This one’s a no-brainer, its as simple as I scratch your back and you scratch mine. The engine and transmission oil needs to be checked in the summers as these are the blood and bone to your car and go through extreme levels of heat in the summers. You can go for a high graded heat resistant engine oil and drain your existing old oil as heat is the biggest enemy for an engine.

Hoses and Belts

Hoses and belts are a running component in your engine bay and thus work the hardest during rigorous summer conditions and might rupture on the go if not taken proper care of. So keep a check on these and replace these rubber components before they get too rigid.


Battery life is also reduced by the excessive heat as it leads to a faster evaporation of fluids inside the engine. So a battery needs to be checked out for whether it is charging properly. Another area of focus is to check corrosion on the terminals, while newer cars come with zero maintenance battery some require regular top up by distilled water.


A good wax polish doesn’t only give superficial benefits but goes a long way in providing that extra layer of protection from sunlight. So get your car polished with UV protected wax and it will protect the paint for long.


Now the biggest challenge in mind to keep about is the parking in the hot and humid weather. The cars get heat up if you don’t park them under shade. So even if you cannot find a shaded spot for parking then leave the windows opened by an inch (under someone’s supervision) so that the greenhouse gases do not accumulate inside the cabin. This will keep the car comparatively cooler when you set out in it again and prevent fuel as well while using the Air conditioner.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be breezing through the hot weather with a drink in your hand.