As the winter season is just around the corner, motorcycles are about to demand special care and attention. Just like we humans, it becomes quintessential to ensure that your motorcycle is in perfect state so that it can pass this chilly season with ease. Though winter care for your motorcycle is not a tough task, there are a few important points that have to be kept in mind if you want the coziness of your motorcycle to stay intact. Let’s have a look.Also Read - New Bajaj Dominar 400 Launched At Rs 2.17 Lakh, Loaded With Factory-Fitted Touring Accessories

Winter Service
Even if your motorcycle is due for a periodic service after a few hundred kilometres, it is advised to get your machine properly serviced. Some fluids like engine oil if replaced before winters ensure better performance and hence, the proper servicing of the bike gets that done. Also Read - Zika Virus Case in Kanpur: Multidisciplinary Team Rushed to Assess Situation on Ground

Corrosion is the most common problem that motorists complain about during winters. For this reason, it is advised that you wash your motorcycle after longer rides and after drying up, apply grease over exposed surfaces to keep the rust away. Also Read - Dengue Cases in Delhi Crosses 1,000 Mark This Year, 280 Reported Last Week

Battery Care
During winters, along with some specific parts, battery is one such element that gets affected the most. Lower temperatures affect the strength of the battery for the bad  and the older ones get hit in the worst way. If the battery of your motorcycle is weak and old, it is advised to replace it. Also, top up the fluid in it if it is an acid type battery. Apply vaseline at the terminals to ensure the battery’s proper functioning.

Bike Cover
There are many instances when you have to park your motorcycle out in the open. During chilly weather conditions, due to low temperature, many parts of the motorcycle get affected in a bad way that hampers their normal functioning. To avoid this, we advise you to buy a motorcycle cover for your machine so that the bike stays cozy inside.

Electrical Connections and Switchgear 
Exposed switchgear and loose electrical connections tend to get most badly hit during winters. To avoid this, it is advised to unbolt the switchgear and get it properly lubed by a good lubricant. Repeat the same with all exposed connectors and electrical connections.

Tyre Pressure and Tyre Health
During winter season, with the temperature drop, the compound in the tyre tend to get harden that eventually affects its grip on the road. This cannot be avoided but keeping the proper tyre pressure will help for the good. Also, look for cracks in the tyres and if found, get them repaired immediately or replace if the damage exceeds beyond repair point.

Never put the fuel tank dry
Never ever leave the fuel tank of your motorcycle dry in winter season. The reason being, if moisture seeps into the metal fuel tank, corrosion can take place which is a very bad phenomenon for the health of your machine. Instead, always keep some fuel in the tank and if possible, add up some additives that can help in avoiding the degradation of fuel and prevents the risk of injector or carburetor getting blocked.

Check the brakes
Inspect both the brakes of your motorcycle. Replace the brake pads if they have been worn out. Also, check for any calliper corrosion. The brake fluid also need be topped up if required.

Lubricate the clutch cable
During winters, water or moisture can seep inside the clutch assembly, which can result in a malfunctioning clutch. Also, this trapped water and moisture has chances of getting freezed inside the clutch cable. This only means having problems resulting from a stiff clutch and broken clutch cable.

Riding Gear  
Last but definitely not the least, always ensure that you wear proper riding gear while riding in winters. Though it is advised to wear a proper kit every time you ride, but this needs to be taken into special consideration while taking a ride in winters. The simple reason being, wounds and injuries take longer time to heal in winters in comparison to summers. Also, the pain and suffering of injuries in winters are the most undesirable.

Ride safe!