As winters have already chipped-in, the chilling sensations is certainly what a daily commuter has to bear with. The chilly season might not be extremely dangerous in other part of the country but in the northern region it certainly could be dangerous and fatal. It also creates extremely adverse situations especially when you are driving on the roads as numerous vehicles of different sizes do ply on the same road. Taking precautionary measures during such conditions is an act that each one of us should focus on. Thus, we bring you some of precautionary methods to take while driving in the foggy and misty conditions for your own safety.Also Read - Kerala Rains: Death Toll Rises to 23; PM Modi Discusses Situation With CM Vijayan | 10 Points

Do’s while Driving Also Read - Bigg Boss 15: Vishal Kotian is Overshadowing Jay Bhanushali, Says Fans | Twitter Poll

1. It is very much essential to uphold a steady speed while driving so that it can be controlled during emergency conditions. For example: If something jumps out of nowhere in front of the car, steadily moving vehicle can be stopped easily. Also Read - IND vs ENG Dream11 Team Prediction, Fantasy Hints T20 World Cup Warm-Up Match: Captain, Vice-Captain – India vs England, Playing 11s For Today’s T20 Match at Dubai International Cricket Stadium 07:30 PM IST October 18, Monday

2. Applying brakes slowly and gradually is the key. Sudden application of brakes may result in locking of wheels. However, vehicles equipped with ABS will take care of it but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

3. Brake the car slowly as sudden braking may lock the wheels even though ABS these days will take care of it, but better safe than sorry.

4. It is also very important to check the lighting system of the vehicle which will ensure enhanced visibility to the oncoming traffic.

5. Using low beams along with high beams will play an important role in reflecting off the moisture droplets which makes it harder to see while driving.

6. Fog lamps do come handy during such conditions. It is advisable to keep your fog lamps on while driving. If your vehicle is not equipped with fog lamps, it is prudent to invest for fog lamps as it enhances overall safety standards.

7. It is very essential to maintain a safe distance while driving as it proffers sufficient time for you to apply brakes during sudden movements. Sudden braking with no sufficient gap might result into a serious accident.

8. It is always necessary to keep your eyes on the markings on pavements as well as the reflectors on the sides which play an essential role in guiding you through.

9. Cleaning of mirrors and windows is essential. Also make sure that defroster as well as wipers are working properly.

10. During extreme dense fogging conditions, it is advisable to pull over the vehicle and make sure you have parked the vehicle in a safe area with parking lights on.

Safety Precautions to take while driving in fog

Don’ts while Driving

1. During such conditions it is advisable that one should avoid rash driving and follow proper driving etiquettes. Overtaking, hastily crisscrossing and changing lanes with indication should be avoided.

2. Sudden stopping on the part road should be avoided as it might result into massive collision course.

3. Do not pick up the speed all of sudden if you notice that fog is clearing up as fog is a low lying cloud which gets affected by winds and you could find yourself amongst it once again which might prove fatal.

4. Picking up speed during such conditions can be lethal. Do not pick up speed to get away from any vehicle that is following too closely as they are likely to pick up pace as well.

5. It is very much crucial to keep patience during such conditions. If the vehicle in front of you is moving don’t just scamp the driver to quickly move or pass quickly.