Tips on how to maintain your bikes this winterAlso Read - LIVE RTW vs ITT TNPL 2022 Cricket Score: Amit Satvik, Murali Vijay Open Innings For Ruby Trichy Warriors

1.  Keep a check on your oil and filter Also Read - TS Inter Result 2022 LIVE Updates: TSBIE 1st, 2nd Year Intermediate Results Tomorrow; Here's How Download Scorecard Here

Be honest; in winter your frequency of travelling on your bike is always lesser as compared to other season, so if you are planning to keep your bike in garage, make sure to keep a constant check on your filter and oil, cold air can create a perfect moisture inside your engine that could led to rust on your bike piston and cylinders.  Also Read - Petrol Price Likely To Come Down By 30%, Liquor 17% Cheaper In Next 2 Days | Full Details Inside

Tips on how to maintain your bikes this winter

2. Keep it clean

Make sure keep your bike clean every alternate day, may be it does not sound logical to clean something that won’t use for next 2-3 days, but make exemption for your motorcycle. Impurities like mud, dust and dirt corrode your bike’s paint. In fact, we strongly suggest you to give her a good polish with wax to avoid damage. 

Tips on how to maintain your bikes this winter

3. Take extra care of your exhaust

Many of you must have noticed that exhaust are the first one to get corroded, the reason is simple, just like we mentioned earlier that the cold air is the prime reason to create moisture. To safeguard them, you should spay light oils at drain holes and muffler ends. Put a plug at the opening of the exhaust to keep it safe from the moisture. 

Tips on how to maintain your bikes this winter

4. Keep bike’s tyres inflated

Chemistry 101- Air gets condense as it gets cooler, the thing apply to air in tyres. Keep an eye on your bike’s tyres make sure you keep them inflated at required pressure. The second problem bikers usually face are flat spot (uneven wear) of tyres, to avoid it just make remember to put your bike on center stand and rotate its tyres after 7-10 days. 

Tips on how to maintain your bikes this winter

5.  Keep it covered


Last but not the least, buy a good quality bike cover, it will help you keep dust and dirt off the bike. It will also help you to keep the moisture out. If you don’t have a garage or a storing place make sure to cover it and tie it down properly. Though, it is always better if you are storing it inside.