Tips on maintaining your car besides going to an authorized dealerAlso Read - CDS General Bipin Rawat Chopper Crash: IAF Releases Statement, Says Probe Ordered

After sales services are more and more becoming a concern for consumers who look to seek answers to their inflated bills especially at the time of car servicing. We therefore went out in search for answers and stumbled upon Mobil 1 – Car Care Outlets. These are centres that provide same service facilities that are provided to your vehicle say from an authorised centre the only major difference being at a fraction of the cost.  Also Read - CDS Bipin Rawat Was 10 Mins Away To Defence Staff College In Wellington To Give Lecture When His Chopper Crashed

In order to check things out, we recently visited one such centre located at Sector 16 in Noida. This coincidentally also happens to be one of the biggest central auto market for Delhi NCR region.  Referred as Mobil 1 Car Care Centre, this one stop destination provides authentic and trusted workmanship with proper attention being diverted to your set of wheels. Drive in and the first thing to notice out here would be the professional manner in which they deal with you as a customer. Similar to a normal workshop, they open a job card for your vehicle thereby identifying potential work to be carried. Let us inform you that there is a 32 check points that are carried out in cases where there is a requirement of normal service. Also Read - Ashes, 1st Test: This is One Tour as a Fast Bowler You Don't Want to Miss, Says Jofra Archer

In detail these 32 points to check are summed under 6 broad sub-heads comprising off Inspection of Oil and water, Filter Check, Normal Inspection, Inspection of Mechanical Systems, Special Inspections and Professional Car Expert Service. Discussing these aspects in detail, here is how the service of you car pans out in outlets like this one:  

Tips on maintaining your car besides going to an authorized dealer

Inspection of oil and water
The most important aspect of the service begins with this.

1.       Engine oil- The most significant, oil breaks down chemically over time and loses its lubrication property forming sludge due to the stress of stop-go traffic and highway running making the car prone to break down. Thus as a norm during every service interval it is advisable to change the engine the oil.  
2.      Gear box fluid- It helps in lubrication of moving pieces of the gear-box. The mechanic attending to your vehicle checks it as a precautionary measure as there is no need to change it frequently like the engine oil but again it differs from car to car. 

3.      Automatic transmission fluid– Auto transmission doesn’t need as much care as the manual, with service intervals ranging from 80,000 km to never. Though changing it often would harm either.

4.       Differential fluid– The component that compensates for the difference in distance between inner and outer wheel while the car is turning needs to be lubricated, else the car will have problems in moving. It is suggested that one should change it once the vehicle has covered covered 80,000 km or more.

5.      Braking and clutch fluid– Insufficient clutch fluid will give irregular clutch movements, vibrations and gear slippage while lack of brake fluid might lead to failure at a crucial moment, thus posing a threat to the life. Brake fluid needs to be changed every 2 years or 30,000 km at the most. Same procedure needs to be followed in regards to the Clutch fuild.

6.      Power Steering Fluid– Power steering system comprises of a pump and fluid reservoir, lines, and a power steering gear. There is no set interval but the technicians generally check to see if there is no leakages or any other issue with this component. 

7.       Battery fluid – Car battery is the lifeline of any vehicle, therefore its upkeep is off utmost importance. It needs to be checked regular for water without which the life of this particular component could be at risk. All electrical element found in a four-wheeler are powered by it, therefore to avoid any failure the mechanics generally check it for best health.  

8.      Windscreen washing fluid – This fluid so stored keeps the windscreen clean. Thus the attendant here tops it up during each service interval. Otherwise also it is fairly easy to do it yourself to ensure that you do not have any issue in view of the road ahead while driving. 

9.      Coolant/anti-freeze fluid– To prevent excessive heat that the engine generates, coolants are put in with usually a mix of water. It works in tandem to keep the engine from over-heating. It recommended that at each service interval it should be looked into and topped up whenever necessary. 

Filter check
All the filters need to be changed regularly to prevent dust particles from intruding into your engine and fuel.

1.      Engine oil filter– As the name suggests, it prevents dirty oil from reaching the engine, if unchanged will restrict oil flow or allow unfiltered oil to flow in.

2.      Air filter/ Air con filter– Air filter is necessary to filter the air that is entering the carburetor of fuel intake system that directly effects the performance of the vehicle. Therefore from time to time it needs to vacuum cleaned so as keep the dust out and after around 20,000 kms a recommended change. However in many instances the authorized dealer will advice you to change it at every service interval, these are tack-ticks of making money though the suggested time period is as just mentioned above. While the aircon filter will keep the quality of air inside cabin sanitized which also needs to be checked from time to time.

3.      Fuel filter – To prevent any fuel related problems, the filter is taken care of according to the needs of the car, but usually changed between a year or 25,000 km.

Inspection of lights 
The lights around the car give it a sense of direction and assurance to fellow drivers while driving on a road. The professionals at Mobil 1 car take good care of crosschecking all these components.

1.      Headlights, fog lights, tail lights
2.      Brake lights/ reverse lights
3.      Signal lights- turn indicators 

Inspection of mechanical system 
This is sacrosanct when it comes to servicing and Mobil 1 comprehensively covers all the needs of the car.

1.      Tightness of belts- The timing belt on the engine needs to be tight to properly synchronize the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft(s) so that the engine's valves open and close at proper intervals during each cylinder's intake and exhaust strokes.

2.      Engine Tuning- Engine is tuned to perfection to induce optimal performance with minimal wear and tear.

3.      Hand brake/ Braking system- Braking system is cross-checked by them.

4.      Clutch- They check if it operates properly and suggest tips to keep it healthy.

5.      Booster inspection – Booster is checked to point out any operating issues if any.

6.      Spark plugs- Spark plugs are checked for faults that could restrict the engine from performing.

7.      Suspension-  Suspension settings are checked properly.

8.      Rubber anti-flap protectors- Checked and changed when required.

9.      Fuel injectors- They check it for any problems and whether everything is smoothly running in the fuel injection department. 

Tips on maintaining your car besides going to an authorized dealer

Special inspection
A special inspection is also carried out to check whether the following parts are running perfectly or not:
1.      Tyre thread
2.      Tyre pressure
3.      Windscreen wiper/ washer system
4.      Safety nuts and bolts
5.      Horns
6.      Exhaust pipes and mountings check
7.      Safety belts
8.      Drive shaft dust covers 

Professional Car Expert Service
This is again a 3 point check that involves  
1.      Air conditioner de-oderization
2.      Inside vacuum cleaning
3.      Dashboard polishing 

Thus giving an A to Z solution to all your stress-inducing car service problems at a reasonable price.