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When it comes to performance modification, exhausts can seriously add numbers to the power of your motorcycle. Though they are not cheap, adding an aftermarket exhaust can seriously help in gaining more BHP to your machine. Apart from suppressing the noise of your ride, exhaust helps in performance, appearance and will also make your motorcycle growl more. Also Read - After Indians, Pakistanis Viewed Doordarshan & All India Radio Programmes The Most in 2020

5 ways to improve your bike performance

Changing Sprockets

Many riders’ wants to add numbers to their speedometer, changing your Sprockets will further enhance your bike's acceleration. Generally, most bikes run on a chain type drive train that transfers the power from the engine to the wheels. Dropping the size of your front sprocket and increasing the rear sprocket will boost the acceleration power of your vehicle.

5 ways to improve your bike performance

Air filter

The air filter is the most simple performance enhancement available in the market. Air filter’s work is to filter the air and then transfer it to the engine. Replacing it with aftermarket air filter will boost the performance of your bike. K&N is the most renowned brand, when it comes to air filters.

5 ways to improve your bike performance

Adjusting suspension setup

In a motorcycle, the body to weight ratio is very less than of a car. So adjusting the suspension according to your body weight will enhance the overall driveability. Appropriate suspension settings will provide you better handling, ride quality and will ensure your safety. The suspension settings involve compression and rebound adjustment according to your body weight.

5 ways to improve your bike performance

ECU Remap

Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a small computer which controls your engine functionality. Remapping of an ECU unit on a bike unleashes its maximum power, and increase in the top speed and acceleration as well. This performance enhancement method might be a little costly for you, but the results are 100 percent effective. Remapping your bike could cost you around INR 10, 000 to INR 25,000 depending on your motorcycle