Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in India is a well-known fact but all this is due to the dense population of vehicles in the city. The number of vehicles in the tiny former-UT of India is more than 1 crore which is good enough to clog even the biggest of states in India.

The number of the vehicle in the city is only growing currently although, the major chunk is occupied by the vehicles which comprise of two wheelers which hold the distinction of being the major polluters.

In the data accessed from Delhi Government transport department, the total number of vehicles in Delhi till 25th May, 2017 was 1,05,67,712 precisely and the two wheelers amounted to 66,48,730 units whereas the total number of cars registered are 31,72,842. We have not even included the vehicles which enter every day in Delhi from other states daily resulting in gridlocks, wastage of fuel and eventually deteriorating atmospheric condition.

Other major contributors to the pollution in the NCR include the goods carriers – (2,25,438), motor cabs (1,18,424), mopeds (1,16,092), passenger three wheelers (1,06,082), goods three wheelers (68,692), buses (35,332), e-rickshaws (31,555) and maxi cabs (30,207), the data revealed.

Taking a stand over the weather conditions, the Government applied the BSIV emission norms in a hurry and has barred all the private vehicles including the cars, bikes, CVs buses and trucks which are more than 15 years old from plying on the roads.