Android based infotainment systems to be found in future Hyundai cars

Android might be limited to smartphones and tablets or portable computers at the moment but give the big guns (both engineering and marketing guys) some time and you might find Android run PCs handing satellite launchers. But before we travel into the future, let's have a look at the latest use this OS has put into.


Korean car companies Hyundai and Kia are planning to use Android based infotainment systems in their future models. The two companies will not just go ahead to become the first of the carmakers to use Android for Audio, Video and Navigation purposes, they will bring a new trend in the way we connect to our cars. Upcoming cars like the Kia Soul and the new Hyundai Genesis will feature such a system.


So expect your cars to have a lot of new apps and games as a part of its infotainment system in the near future.


Source: ETnews