Gone is the time when every addition in BMW's product range made us stand up bewildered and amazed at the same time. The German carmaker has introduced a couple of new products, and most of them are entirely new, especially the nomenclature. So, don't be surprised if Bee Emm brings out a three door crossover.

BMW planning a three door crossover X2

Yes, you read that right! According to AutoBild, BMW is planning to introduce a new vehicle. To be called the X2, it will be a three door crossover, based on BMW's new UKL platform. UKL is the same platform which underpins the new MINI. So expect a lot of sharing, including engines too.

It's too soon to talk about other details as there aren't any but the same report says that the X2 can make it to the market sometime in 2016. That might be a good two years away from now but if you are waiting for the upcoming models from Bavaria, well there's the new 2-series, the M3 and M4 duo, the X4 and a possible 'M' version of it. For the Indian market, there's the innovative i3 scheduled to reach showrooms in 2014.

Source: AutoBild via Worldcarfans