Chevrolet Beat vs Ford Figo vs Maruti Suzuki Ritz vs Indica eV2 Also Read - Central Govt May Increase Duty on Petrol, Diesel Again to Fight COVID-19 Outbreak

The Chevrolet Beat diesel finally made its debut yesterday after tons of spy shots, scoop videos and speculations that spammed the blogosphere in the past few months. The Beat diesel also stayed true to its promise of becoming one of the cheapest and most fuel efficient small cars that you can buy in India today. But how does it match up to its rivals – the Ford Figo, Maruti Suzuki Ritz and Indica eV2, on paper? Also Read - Domestic Demand For Petrol, Diesel Drastically Declines Even on Lower Retail Prices

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The Chevrolet Beat diesel packs premium styling, futuristic dashboard layout, generous headroom and a frugal engine – all in one cost effective package. However, the Beat diesel’s downsides include lesser seating space as compared to its rivals and softer handling characteristics.

The Ford Figo on the other hand boasts of better handling, a larger engine and more seating space. However, the Figo, in spite of being one of the most value-for-money cars in its segment is now slightly dearer on the pocket than the Beat diesel.

Being a Maruti Suzuki, the Ritz’s positives include a strong after-sales service network and cheap cost of ownership. Its tall-boy design provides generous headroom, while its wide body helps with more seating space. It is powered by the trusty 1.3-litre Multijet diesel engine. 

The downsides of the Ritz are the tiny boot space and like the Beat, the unusual styling that polarises the customers.

The Indica eV2 still manages to tout its best-in-class fuel efficiency. It also manages to undercut the Beat diesel on the price. The Indica eV2 also manages to provide a strong after-sales service network and cheap cost of ownership. The downsides include the quality of plastics and since it is one of the most preferred ‘taxis’ around, it doesn’t have a high aspiration value either.

Here’s how the four cars stack up on the features list:

Beat       Figo        Ritz         Indica eV2


Base Models –

Chevrolet Beat PS           Ford Figo LXI          Maruti Suzuki Ritz LDi           Indica eV2 L

Overview –,20,148,643/1#pg

Features –,20,148,643/2#pg

Tech spec –,20,148,643/3#pg


Mid-range Models

Chevrolet Beat LS            Ford Figo LXI EXI          Maruti Suzuki Ritz VDi        Indica eV2 LS

Overview –,21,150,645/1#pg

Features –,21,150,645/2#pg

Tech spec –,21,150,645/3#pg

Top-end Models

Chevrolet Beat LT            Ford Figo LXI ZXi         Maruti Suzuki Ritz  VDiABS                Indica eV2 LX

Overview –,22,151,642/1#pg

Features –,22,151,642/2#pg

Tech spec –,22,151,642/3#pg